Here is a summary of frequently asked questions regarding the Taiwan Employment Gold Card program, the application process, and other general questions regarding life in Taiwan and more.

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”Foreign special professional” refers to a foreign professional as referred to the work specified in Article 46.1.1 to 46.1.6 of the Employment Service Act who possesses special expertise needed by the State in science and technology, economy, education, arts and culture, sports, finance, law, architectural design, and national defense, as announced by the central competent authority.

There are two application channels. The first is to apply for a Gold Card by yourself. The other channel is where the employer applies for an employment permit from the Ministry of Labor.

The Employment Gold Card and the employment permit are governed by different regulations and qualifications. If the foreign special professional’s application for the Employment Gold Card is approved by the Ministry of the Interior, the Employment Gold Card is regarded as the work permit for the foreign special professional when he or she engages in professional work, without the new employer needing to submit a new application. If the application was made by the employer at the Ministry of Labor, it is necessary for the foreigner to request the new employer to apply for the work permit according to the regulations of the “Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals” and the “Employment Service Act”. After permission is granted, the foreign special professional may start to work.

The Employment Gold Card includes an open work permit that allows the holder to engage in all white-collar jobs in Taiwan. However, if the profession they engage in is not under the original Field of application, the individual’s tax concessions will be affected.

According to Article 7 of Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals, a foreign special professional who meets one of the following conditions need not apply for a permit to engage in professional work in the R.O.C.:

  1. Employed as a consultant or researcher at any level of government or its subordinate academic research institute.
  2. Employed by a public or registered private college/university for lecturing or academic research as approved by the Ministry of Education.
  3. A foreign special professional that has obtained permanent residency.
  1. Employers shall contribute no less than six percent of workers’ monthly wages to individual labor pension accounts at the Bureau of Labor Insurance for workers who are eligible for the Labor Pension Act on a monthly basis.
  2. In addition to the mandatory employers' contribution, workers may contribute voluntarily additional sums, up to a maximum 6% of their monthly wages to their pension accounts.

Under most cases, your spouse must first find employment and have the employer apply for a work permit on their behalf. For information on the requirements for a work permit, please see HERE

However, your spouse can work part-time as a specialized or technical worker, or as the director or manager of an approved business that has been invested in/established by Overseas Chinese or foreigner(s), their salary or remuneration must be NT$200 or more per hour.

For Spouses of Foreign Professionals Engaged in Part-Time Specialized or Technical Work, please click HERE

For Spouses of Foreign Professionals Engaged in Part-Time Work as the Director or Manager of an Approved Business that has been Invested in or Established by Overseas Chinese or Foreigner(s), please click HERE

Workers aged 60 years and older, with a seniority of less than 15 years, may claim a lump-sum payment; those with a seniority greater than or equal to 15 years may choose to claim a lump-sum payment or monthly payments. Seniority referred to shall be calculated based upon the period in which the contributions to the pension have been made. If the seniority of an employee is interrupted, both the foreign professional’s seniority before and after the interruption shall be combined in calculation.

Please contact InvestTaiwan .

They will provide detailed information on setting up a business in Taiwan.

If you are in Taipei City, you can try contacting the Startup Taipei office .

For an employed Gold Card holder who has obtained permanent residency from the National Immigration Agency of the Ministry of Interior, their adult children who qualify with the prescribed days of residence and eligibility criteria, may apply directly to the Ministry of Labor for permission to work in Taiwan, and need not apply through an employer. (Please find more information in: Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals - Article 15 )

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