Privacy Policy

Welcome to “Taiwan Employment Gold Card Office” ( , collectively the “Website”). This Website was built and organized by the “Taiwan Employment Gold Card Office” (“TEGO”), which is entrusted by the “National Development Council”. We respect your privacy and takes your privacy seriously. This Privacy Policy that covers and describes the policies and principles on how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your personal information (“Privacy Policy”).

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy and contact us if you have any questions.

1. Applicable Scope of This Privacy Policy

The content of this Privacy Policy includes how the Website deals and utilizes your personal information when you visit the Website and use the services on the Website. This Privacy Policy does not apply for relevant external websites.

2. Collection, Process and Use of Personal Information

  1. When you visit the Website or use the services which the Website provides, please provide your personal data which is essential or letting the device collect your personal information automatically for certain purposes. The Website collects the categories of information including the below:
  • C001(Personal Data Identification ): Your name, email address, contact details, and time of use when using the interactive function on the Website, such as mailbox and survey.
  • Others: When you visit the Website, the server will record relevant behaviors including your device’s IP address, browser, clicking, and browsing records as a reference to improve the Website. These records are internal use only.
  1. The Website collects, manages and uses personal information for certain purposes including but not limited to the Employment Gold Card related matters such as surveys, events, recruitment, etc. The Website use your personal data in accordance with Article 16 under the laws of protection and personal information.

  2. To provide accurate service, the Website will gather the surveys for statistics and analytics. Depending on the demands, in addition to internal research, the Website may disclose the analytics results publicly, but the data will be de-identified information.

  3. This Website will collect, manage and use your personal information for only a period of time unless it will be used for a specific purpose. The information will be used via the internet, email, written, fax, and any other legal ways without violating the purpose of collection.

3. Protection of Personal Information

  1. The host of the Website is set up with information security equipment and protective measures such as firewall and antivirus software. To protect the Website and your personal information, the Website adopts strict security measures. Only authorized personnel can get access to your personal information. Relevant staff have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements, and if there is a violation involved, staff will be punished according to the law.

  2. If it is necessary to entrust another third party to provide service for the purpose of business, the Website will also strictly require such third party to comply with confidentiality obligations and take necessary inspection procedure to ensure the third party will comply.

4. Rights of Personal Information

  1. Personal information collected, managed, and used by the website; you may exercise the following rights in accordance with Article 3 under the law of Protection of Personal Data:
  • Inquire or request to view your personal data collected by the Website.
  • Make duplications of your personal data collected by the Website.
  • Replenish and rectify your personal data collected by the Website.
  • Request the Website to discontinue collecting, managing, using your personal data it has collected.
  • Delete your personal data collected by the Website.
  1. After accepting your request, TEGO will be process in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 to Article 14 under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

5. Relevant links to External Website

The pages of the Website contain links to other websites, and you can access to other websites by clicking the links. But the Privacy Policy does not cover the privacy practices of other websites, and you have to review the privacy policies of the linked websites. Please note that the Website does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for the privacy policies and/or its privacy settings of other websites.

6. Statement to Contributors

If you wish to contribute to the Website, please do not upload any confidential data. You represent and warrant that you have the legitimate rights to your contribution under the copyright law, and there is no infringement of the rights of any other third party. You also agree that the Website, regardless for the profit or non-profit purpose, has the right to disclose, reproduce, modify, edit, and transmit your contribution uploaded on the Website.

7. Use of Cookies

To provide you with the best service, the Website will place and access cookies on this Website on your computer. If you are not willing to accept the writing of cookies, you can set the privacy level to be high in the browser function you are using to deny the writing of cookies, but it may cause some functions or services of the Website fail to execute.

8. Modifications

This Privacy Policy will be amended anytime in respond to demand. The advised terms will be posted on the Website, please review this Privacy Policy periodically. If you continue to visit the Website or use the functional service of the Website after the amendment of the Privacy Policy, you will be deemed to have agreed to all the terms of this Privacy Policy.

9. Language

This Privacy Policy is written in Chinese. If this Privacy Policy is translated into other languages, it should be for convenience only and should not be used to explain or apply this Privacy Policy. The English version of this Privacy Policy is for reference only. In case of any inconsistency, the Chinese version shall prevail.

10. Self-Protection

Please keep your password safe and do not give it to anyone. After you log in to the Website to complete each assignment, please be sure to log out of your account. If you share a computer with someone else or use a public computer, please be sure to close the browser window in case of someone logging in with your account.

11. Sending Messages

Please keep your password safe and do not give it to anyone. After you log in to the Website to complete each assignment, please be sure to log out of your account. If you share a computer with someone else or use a public computer, please be sure to close the browser window in case of someone logging in with your account. Using incognito Browser is recommended in order to prevent others logging into your account.

12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All disputes resulting from this Privacy Policy and the use of this Website shall be resolved pursuant to the laws of the Republic of China, without reference to its conflict of law provisions. You agree that all litigation under this Privacy Policy shall be brought in the Taipei District Court of Taiwan.

13. Contact Us

If you have any problems with this Privacy Policy, please contact us through: