What identities are not eligible to apply for the Employment Gold Card?

  1. Mainland Chinese citizens
  2. Individuals with Hong Kong/Macau and Taiwan Dual Citizenship
  3. Individuals who entered Taiwan with an R.O.C. passport
  4. R.O.C. Nationals living in Taiwan with a household registration
  5. R.O.C. Nationals who entered Taiwan with a foreign passport and have not yet applied for Household De-Registration
  6. Men who have not fulfilled their military service obligations or are close to service age who fall under any of the following categories:
  • Does not hold an Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate for Military Service Purpose
  • Does not hold an R.O.C. passport with the endorsement of the Overseas Chinese residence status
  • Has Overseas Compatriot with Military Service Identity and has lived in Taiwan for one year
  • Is subject to conscription and restrictions to exit according to the Act of Military Service System